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Will (Thomas William) Paynter 1903-1984

Red Line

Born Whitchurch, Cardiff. Began work at 13 on a farm and then as a collier’s assistant from the age of 14. He became checkweigher at Cymmer colliery until 1931 when he became unemployed and played a key role in organising the National Unemployed Workers Movement. Paynter also joined the Communist party during this time and remained a lifelong member.

In 1937 he was selected as representative of the International Brigade and travelled out to Spain to serve with the British battalion in the Spanish Civil War. His trade unionist activities continued and in 1939 he became miners’ agent for the Rhymney Valley. He served as President of the South Wales Area National Union of Mineworkers’ from 1951 to 1959 and General Secretary from 1959 to 1969.


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Will (Thomas William) Paynter 1903-1984

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